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Superbe !


Superbes images.

Muito bom

Bem legal para quem gosta de astrofotografia. Estou baixando várias fotos...


Para adquirir conhecimento excelente. Tentem os link dos textos, um melhor que o outro. Parabéns


Para quem gosta de ou estuda astronomia, uma aula diária sensacional!

Amazing app, but no longer works :(

I love this app, but it doesn’t work with iOS11! Please update so it’s compatible again


Why haven’t you updated this app for IOS 11 because i love ❤️ this app so much that I paid for it!So What is going on?


Longtime fan of APOD - the app is a great companion to the website! Keep up the good work!


One of my many apps which I use on a daily basis. I'm just an average astronomy fan, but I recommend it.

Almost 5 star, but lost 2 when lost favorites

Very enjoyable app. Great educational program for anyone, not just astronomy lovers. Alas, it dumped all of my favorite APODs in storage and no longer saves any new favorites. Saving my favorites was, to me, the best feature of this app.

Best pictures ever!

I give this app a 5 out of 5 rating! I use the pictures every day in my university-level Astronomy course.

APOD Viewer




Five stars for the zillions out there

What a great way to start your day...we all need these kinds of pick me ups!

Pretty rad for the nerd in me

Updated nearly every day with something fun and new to look at and research. Right up my alley. Good if you have small interest or want deep exploration.

Love it but crashes after image save!

Please fix! Thank you!

Great App!

This app does what it says well. I like the ability to save images and set them as wallpaper on my phone.



Beautiful and informative!

This app will also feature most rare and unusual photography from nature /astronomers from around the world. And recent astro - phenomena keeps one informed of planetary/galaxy events-very educational also . Please review by creator: it tends to sometimes freeze and crash , especially when accessed just after a push notification . Don 't ever go off the air.

Great App all around for enthusiast

Always had an interesting Astronomy and this app let's me explore far beyond my capacity. Secondly I am a hobby photographer so there have been several great ideas the App has also given me. 👍

Nice pics

This gives a nice daily screensaver.


The heavens/sky proclaim the glory of God ... Thanks APOD for special spectacles.

'Stellar' app

Delivers great pictures and the links provide detail if you want. I look forward to the new picture each day. A four star app for me.

Love it!

I've love the exploration of space. This app. Brings it up close and personal. Great app.


Sharing some aspect of our beautiful sky and universe every day!


Wonderful and useful program

Great app

My 7-y-o daughter and I love looking at these beautiful pictures every day. I like that I can save our favorites, too. My one complaint is that my search button at the bottom of the screen keeps showing a 0 badge. That's not a big deal, though.

Astro Pic O' The Day...

Absolutely awesome app and wonderful daily pictures!! Anyone interested in Astronomy, Astrophysics, Cosmology, The Evolution of the Universe should definitely have this app installed on their iPhone. Love it and have already recommended it to friends. I have a FB Physics Group Page where myself and Professor Walter H.G. Lewin post the APOD daily!! Thanks for your efforts! 5 Stars!!!

Look to the Stars

How small we are and yet connected to a vastness almost beyond belief. Here you see the truth each time you visit this informing app. A good addition to your day.

Fun and informational.

It's a nice adaptation of the website.



Good but...

It's unable to load images successfully now...

Nice Start to My Day

Every morning I check out a new ASOD. It lets me see how awesome how universe is and humbles me with it's vastness. A great way to start the day!

Very nice!

I love the daily photo!!



I like it

A very good app. Lets you do everything you'd expect, but it has crashed from time to time.

I like it!

I enjoy looking at this every morning. Well done!



Still no Flash

Wasted purchase, links to flash objects won't open.

Dream catcher

A wonderful glimpse into the imagination . Highly recommend this for and star viewer

So much interesting information

You will keep on finding links you want to click and learn more. Pretty much the only app I use every day.


There are more distracting buttons at the bottom of the frame than there were when there was just one advertisement. I'm back to just one advertisement.


Excellent App. Very informative.

Great little app

Nice app

My favorite app

I really like the pictures and videos this app sends every day. They always work and are very beautiful.


Love the beautiful images and accompanying info. Always nice to check on what's the APOD today. I have a new appreciation for Hubble too.

Beautiful photos, and very educational👍

This app is one of the best apps, I have ever paid for, beautiful photos, educational information. I believe this stuff need to be reported by media, instead of the negative stuff we here everyday, we need to here the positive good things, that are happening in space and everywhere else..⭐🌌🌠

APOD Viewer

I have been following APOD long before the iPhone had an application, however this new viewer is the perfect union of sight and understanding. A great balance between recreation and education. Nice but a little cramped and busy looking. I do prefer the APOD NASA version due to image size and quality. Larger image with information on the back page. More wide image with the roll over landscape view. I appreciate the viewers notice alarms but I just go to NASA to check out the images.


I love it. I am absolutely ignorant about most of what I read. The vastness of the universe is incomprehensible, light years stun me. The courage of the people at NASA is a gift to the world, I guess not just NASA, but the people of all countries who you work together with. Thank you. Doris Milton


I love viewing God's handy work.

Class App !!!

This is an absolute must-have App if you have even a passing interest in Astronomy or the Cosmos! No bugs so far... No ads... Perfect.

I use it daily!

The images and information in this app give me an appreciation of the work of nature and the work of the human minds that have achieved bringing such things to our everyday lives. The images make great screen savers.

APOD Viewer


Great app

Thanks for bringing a daily dose of astronomy goodness.

Top of the class

Couldn't ask for more ... well, maybe easy wallpapering.

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